Halloween-A Family Holiday

Next Friday is Halloween!  For me, it is a family holiday.  Not that I have any scary folk in my background.    My Swedish Great Grandmother’s maiden name was Johanna Charlotta Boo.  Seriously, how many people do you know that come from a long line of Boo….s. 

I am not into scary movies, that’s for sure.  I like Halloween for the sheer joy of Trick or Treating.  I have lots of great memories of dressing up and Trick or Treating in my hometown of Chadron NE.  Back in the early 60s, a kid could spend hours knocking on doors and filling up a sack full of candy.  My favorite costume was Deputy Dog, a long jowled cartoon dog.  I could hardly see out of it and it is amazing that I didn't swagger from the wonky chemical smell of the cheap plastic mask. 

Trick or Treating is really remarkable.  Dress up, ring a door bell and complete strangers will give you candy!  My house is decorated and the light will be on at the Watson house to treat all of the little goblins that ring my door bell. 

Shown in the pictures.  All wool Scary kit.  $45.00.   Halloween Bouquet.  9 Stems for $15.00.

BOO to you!  Have a fun and save Halloween.