Launching our Website

What a great day, September 1, 2014 to launch our Website devoted to vintage and antique buttons.  It was four years ago, this weekend, that we arrived home from Prague, Czech Republic on our first button adventure.   I should say that I arrived home after leaving Liz in a mad house called JFK Airport in New York City because our plane was oversold.  In my defense, I almost missed the plane because a German shepherd was easier to get through Customs than a middle aged lady trying to declare a suitcase full of vintage glass buttons. 


It was that first suitcase of glass buttons that launched our button business.  Prior to that, neither Liz nor I were button collectors, although as sewers we both had a nice but ordinary stash.  Now, four years later, we have over a million vintage and antique buttons in inventory.   We discovered a whole world of buttons that we never knew existed.  It has been quite a learning experience.  I have to admit that Liz has become more learned than I when it comes to identifying buttons but we make a good team.  Best of friends before we started, our friendship has grown as we share experiences buying and selling our found treasurers.  Who else but a good friend would smile and say, “Go, get on the plane.  I will get home as soon as I can”, when you really aren’t sure “soon” means that. 


Please join us as we share our passion for buttons and the places that it takes us.